Month: September 2013

September Meeting

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Greenfield’s 1st Home and School meeting of the year is on Monday, September 23rd from 6 pm to 7 pm in the school library. All parents are welcome!

  • Come join us for an hour of your time and have a chance to win an Ice Cream Party for your child’s class!!!

  • The H&S budget will be discussed for approval and is posted here for your review.               2013-2014 Proposed Budget

Home and School wants to ensure all parents have access to the information. If you miss a meeting, you can read the Minutes (on the tab above) the following week.


Breakfast Program

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Greenfield’s Breakfast Program will start serving again on Monday, September 16th at 8:10 am. The menu will be smaller, without toast or english muffins for the first few weeks.


Volunteers are the heart and soul of Greenfield’s Breakfast Program. While Breakfast for Learning, corporate donations and Tips for Toast, provides the support required to start and sustain school nutrition programs, it is the people who volunteer on a regular basis who ensure breakfast is served every morning.Volunteers do everything from preparing and serving food, administrative duties, shopping, fundraising and advocating for child nutrition.

  • Volunteers are always needed from 8:00 to 8:50 am.  We have an Online Schedule that you can sign yourself up on. It’s a great way to start your day! 🙂

*Links to both can also be found on the sidebar of this blog.

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Welcome to Home and School

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The 2013/2014 school year is about to begin!! We want to welcome all new Greenfield parents! Home and School does our best to keep all Greenfield members informed online and by newsletter. We also hold monthly meetings at the school and welcome all parents!

Greenfield school has a new website, so be sure to bookmark it! Along with this Greenfield Home and School blog and our Facebook page where you will find current information on our meetings and upcoming school events! You can also find links to this address on our Facebook page and the schools website.

Attending meetings is a great way to hear what’s going on at the school from the principal, vice principal and home and school executives.  We keep the meetings short, only one hour, and have babysitting services available if needed.  If you miss a meeting, check here the following week and read the Meeting Minutes on the tab above.