Ending the Year/New Website

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The Project
It’s been an exciting spring with all of the parental engagement activities and events! We named our project for the grant proposal The Home and School Connection, then held a variety of fun and informative sessions that covered 5 main subjects! Math information night for parents, Art lessons with Maurice Bernard for every student, a Literacy Fair, 4 Saturday sessions for Health and Fitness, and we’re tying it up this week with a little astronomy and technology for Science.
We are extremely pleased with how many of these projects turned out. It sounds like a lot of work for home and school but it wasn’t really. There are so many resources available with people fully qualified and prepared to do their thing, if asked. We’d especially like to thank Greenfield’s administration and staff for all of their help. Every time an area is mentioned, they light up with ideas and are eager to do all they can to extend their reach to parents.
We had many little goals in mind with each activity, but our main overall goal was to strengthen the connection between parents and the school community.
New Design
We’ve updated this website with a brighter design and added a Kids Links page to easily connect our children with the educational websites they use at school, and provide more resources for parents. We will continue to add to this, and search for ways to improve communications between home and school. We hope your family will enjoy using this site regularly, and you can catch all of the information and updates that we post to let you know what’s happening.
With that in mind while redoing this site, a new tag line was created.
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Because ultimately that is what we work hardest to do. Through newsletter, notes sent home, flyers, blog posts, Facebook pages and groups, updates, links and reminders, meetings and activities, we do all we can to reach every parent, make everyone aware of what is going on, and provide opportunities for us all to be involved in the many aspects of our children’s education.
Make sure you have this website Bookmarked,
use the Links and watch for Updates!